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utk pengetahuan...jgn ada spekulasi yg said dat im still in love with my past

Saturday, 16 March 2013

untuk pengetahuan semua...post "she will be ok without me" is on around 2011
bkn 2013...means dat..itu post lama ok..
so dat...no more speculate dat i am thinking on past relationship..
sorry to say dat..long time story doesnt need to bring back now..
im currently have my own life...without having thinking backward..
(what a broken english)
so that, dont talk "shit" about this thing again again n again...
she has her own life...n i have my own life..
so please...stop talking about my past relationship...
i have my own life...n im proud of being "ahmad syahir"
try to make the thing become worst actually..

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